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While You Were Away: Controlling Your Home When You’re Not There

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Bill Marusza
May 31, 2016

Technology is evolving at such a fast rate it’s literally impossible to keep up with everything anymore. Every product that comes out today will have a newer, faster, updated version by tomorrow. It seems as though all of our past technology that we grew up with has now been given a smart status enabling users to do more than ever with great ease. From communicating with pagers and coded numbers to having mobile smartphones with complete access to the internet, the nucleus of all information. Simple electromagnetic security alarms date as far back as the 1850’s and have been advancing ever since. We are now at the dawn of advanced home systems, or what are now being called smart homes. Mainstream corporations like Amazon, AT&T, GE, and more are developing copious amounts of smart products for the market and home security is now being integrated with everything. These smart systems create an interconnected network of separate devices that now work together, bringing in an era closer to The Jetsons than ever before.

Imagine you’ve just set out with the family on the yearly road trip. Two hours into the drive you think to yourself; “Was the garage closed?”, “Did we lock the doors?”. Panic ensues and you have to make a decision. Do you go back? The in-laws live hours away, can’t call them. How about Tim next-door? Perfect, except you and Tim never actually exchanged numbers. Luckily, you read that Armored Access blog and just had that new home security system installed. You take out your phone, after you’ve pulled over of course, and open your app. Within seconds your garage is shut, the doors are locked and the alarm system has been activated. Peace of mind has been restored and you’re ready for vacation. Today Armored Access will indulge you in the benefits and features of wireless home security control.

How Smart Home Systems Work

Because the idea of smart homes and appliances is still fairly new, there are different connect abilities associated with certain products, especially depending on how much control you inevitably want. Almost all security systems out now are connected to the internet through wifi devices. All security system companies, especially Armored Access, offer upgrades to their systems to enable remote control from anywhere you are. At this point in development, these systems and products usually require an app to be downloaded on your smartphone, tablet, or computer; in order to control system functions. These apps connect to your home’s wifi network and work with both IOS and Android devices. However, depending on the certain products security companies use these apps might be proprietary, meaning they will only work with that particular company’s products. For companies that decide against designing their own app software, has developed an app that is compatible with a variety of security systems and devices. Due to the necessity of wifi connectivity, internet strength should be examined when installing a new system. If by chance something happens to your power and the internet is disconnected, there are mobile link devices that can be purchased that will alert you and also send notification to a service representative to address the issue.

Why You Should Consider Remote Security Systems & What to Expect

As we mentioned before, smart systems are still a growing product, and because of this there are a variety of companies that are designing different products for the market. So you have a lot to choose from when deciding on a system that suits your needs. Basic systems give you the ability to arm or disarm your system with a swipe of your finger. More advanced systems will give you control of thermostats, lights, locks, and live video streams of your house. These advanced systems can also be connected with stereo equipment and TV’s. If that’s not enough there are now appliances made by companies like GE and Dacor including ovens, refrigerators, washers, and dryers that can be remotely operated through a central system.

No matter what you choose each system can be completely customized to your preferences.

Let’s start with the basics. Your standard to mid-level remote security systems will give you control over alarms, camera monitoring, real time alerts, door and window locks, and lighting. Interface panels for these systems will allow you to program different settings for certain times of the day or week based on your schedule. Say everyone in your household is out of the house by 9am leaving the house empty until later in the evening. You can easily create a setting to activate the alarm system and automatic locks at a designated time so you’re covered even if you forget to arm it before you leave. Turns out grandma is stopping by to drop something off in the afternoon; you open your app, unlock the front door; and if you feel like it, even watch where she goes via your camera system. After she leaves the system is rearmed. As the sun sets your program kicks in to turn on your lights in the front room and around the outside of your house. With motion activated lights and cameras you will be alerted if anyone attempts to sneak around your property and given a live feed to the camera that was activated. If anyone attempts to actually break into your house an alarm will be tripped, scaring off the intruder and immediately alerting authorities, and you with mobile alerts about the status of your home and where the attempted intrusion took place. Alerts and notifications will also be triggered in the chance that there is a flood or fire, in which emergency dispatch will be notified and sent to your home.

Now let’s talk about some of the more advanced features available. Starting with camera systems. Apart from live streaming, advanced devices in the camera department will enable you to reposition, rotate, zoom, record, and snap pictures. There are also models made specifically for your front doors that have two-way intercom capabilities, giving you the advantage of talking directly to anyone at your door from wherever you are which also adds the illusion of being home. Another advantage that comes with smart security systems is the money it can save on utilities. Some control panels on the market have web interface abilities to show the forecast for the week granting you insight on how to set the thermostat more efficiently. Lighting features not only enable you to set timers but also allow you to control the lighting in individual rooms and areas of your property including the pool, patios, and gardens.

Next we’ll get into some features that are simply for more convenience, but inevitably come at a much higher price. Remote controls and programmed timing can also be applied to your window shades, TV, and stereo systems allowing you to wake up to your preferred news channel, music, or just the natural sunlight. Do you sometimes find yourself running a little late at work? Making dinner just got easier because you can now preheat the oven on your way home. Have a load of laundry in? That’s right, open the app and extend the tumbling time on your dryer to avoid wrinkles. Everything is available at your fingertips.

There you have it, the future of home security and functionality. Like we said earlier, there are copious amounts of products available right now making your choices endless. Because the technology is still in its early stages, the more advanced and convenience products, your choices begin to narrow. Unfortunately, to have a complete central system controlling every appliance in your house, you would have to invest a lot of money and buy all the equipment from one brand. There is technology out there to mix and match certain products but you will be paying for that extra convenience, and most people are not looking for these complete smart house operations, at least not right now. Your standard security and monitoring systems that are out now cover everything you need to keep your home or business protected.

Armored Access offers a variety of packages and products that can be controlled remotely, including basic and advanced features for your home or business needs. We are a homegrown Buffalo security company offering unbeatable pricing and services to all of our clients throughout WNY. Visit us today or call us for a free home analysis at (716) 684-8000. Keep checking back for more blogs on home and business security. Thank you for choosing Armored Access!

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